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ALML welcome to the Leucate Villages

• This website is published by ALML, which is an association of owners of furnished accomodation in the Leucate
Villages. The information it contains is given in good faith, but it is advisable to check details directly with the owners before
finalising any agreement. The Association cannot be held responsible for any dispute between owners and tenants.

• To secure a reservation contact the owner. You will be asked to pay a deposit. A sum of money may also be required,
deductible in case of breakage or damage, which will be refunded if everything is left in good order.



• Rent charges, if given, are approximate. The first figure is for one week in the low and off-season, the second for the high
season. There may be a reduction for two weeks or more.

• A detailed description of the accomodation should be available from the owner. Both tenant and owner should each
sign and keep a copy of the renting contract.